AWD Sport Sedan Promises Thrills and Efficiency

The AWD sport sedan market is extremely competitive. Buick is ready to step in with the new and improved Regal GS.


When turbocharging and all-wheel drive are combined in one vehicle, they work together to enhance the overall driving experience. Add those performance features to a Buick luxury sedan, and the result is an AWD sport sedan capable of taking on rivals from all over the globe. The main advantage of a turbocharged engine is that it provides the fuel efficiency of a smaller, naturally aspirated engine while still delivering an exhilarating drive. With the way the power is delivered, driving a turbocharged car induces a unique rush.


All-wheel drive, on the other hand, improves handling and stability under normal driving conditions. It also supports vehicle safety and control in inclement weather. By sending power to all four wheels rather than just the front or the rear, AWD provides drivers an added level of confidence. From a performance standpoint, AWD and turbocharging are a sport sedan match made in heaven. The extra power from the turbocharged engine can be put to use via the AWD system safely and effectively, meaning drivers can focus on getting maximum enjoyment out of their journey.


The Regal GS is a standout sport sedan member of Buick's lineup of luxury sedans. Its performance, handling, and elegant styling add up to a formidable package. For 2014, the Regal GS has been improved even further. The 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged ECOTEC engine delivers the excitement and feel that help make the Regal GS so desirable. Among the important additions for 2014 is the optional all-wheel-drive system, which turns the Regal GS into an even more impressive performance machine and places it in a competitive spot in the AWD sport sedan market.


So what happens when both technologies are put into one vehicle? The result is an extremely efficient, comfortable, and sophisticated AWD sport sedan. The 2014 Regal GS can put the "sport" in sport sedan without sacrificing the practicality, quality, and craftsmanship of every Buick vehicle. This car was made to move. Are you?