The Best Family Cars and Crossovers Make Chauffeuring Kids Easier

Children reap many benefits from participating in competitive sports. In addition to keeping youth healthy through physical exercise, playing on a team can also have social benefits, boost grade-point averages, and equip young people with leadership skills for their future careers. One downside, however, as every soccer mom knows, is the challenging task of toting little athletes' equipment to practice and matches. You may have wondered what is the best family car for this task.


If you have a budding lacrosse or hockey player in the house, you know the challenges of equipment: Sticks; cleats or skates; helmets and face masks; numerous protective pads for the shoulders, ribs, shins, and elbows; and more. Basketball, baseball, football, and soccer can be just as spatially demanding. That's for only one or two players; if you have carpool duty, multiply by four or five. For this job, you need the best available family car or crossover to chauffeur your mini team around town.

Space Galore

Fortunately, the best family cars and crossovers can handle all that and more. Ranked number one in the affordable midsize SUV category by U.S. News & World Report, the 2014 Buick Enclave crossover SUV offers a roomy interior with nearly 70 cubic feet of cargo space and available 8-passenger seating (enough room for you and seven growing basketball players). Its maneuverable Smartslide seats and power lift gate ensure quick access to all stowed contents, and the third-row seating folds down to offer even more room for hauling athletic gear.

Safety First

Even the best-prepared parent may not prevent every little injury on the field, but you will feel confident about your child's safety while on the road. In addition to standard safety features, the Enclave boasts several others: the industry's first front center air bag; Side Blind Zone Alert, to reduce the danger of potential blind spots when changing lanes; Forward Collision Alert, cameras on the front of the vehicle that alert the driver of collision threats; and Lane Departure Warning, visual and audible clues deployed if the vehicle senses departure from a lane without use of a turn signal. These are just a few more reasons why many parents consider the Enclave the best family car for them.

Smart Technology

Student athletes lead busy lives, and their parents even busier. Moms and dads shuffling kids between school and practice and other extracurricular activities need all the help that they can get from the best available family car or crossover. Scheduling appointments and taking business calls from the car, for example, is a cinch. Buick-exclusive technology allows drivers to place and answer calls in a hands-free manner with IntelliLink* voice-controlled connectivity and Bluetooth. Furthermore, the rear DVD entertainment system, with an 8-inch LCD flat panel and wireless headphones, keeps little ones quiet and entertained while you're on those important calls.

Being the best parent you can be is the commitment you make, and keeping you and your family safe and on schedule is a priority. The best family car or crossover is one that is capable and equally committed to this priority and offers optimal cargo space, advanced safety features, and convenient technologies.