6-speed automatic transmission for eAssist

Mated with the 2.4L engine with eAssist™ technology, this electronically controlled 6-speed transmission helps Regal achieve fuel economy1 that's shockingly high for a luxury performance car. Its highly refined design reduces internal spin losses for greater efficiency and smoother, quicker response. Thanks to the added electric power from the eAssist system, it has higher, more efficient steady-state gearing, but still delivers the satisfying acceleration and passing response you crave. The electronic boost also eliminates the need to downshift when you climb a mild grade or accelerate lightly while cruising.

This transmission is included and only available with the 2.4L ECOTEC® 4-cylinder engine with eAssist technology.

1 Estimated MPG 20 city, 31 highway. Official EPA estimates not yet available. Fuel economy estimate based on GM testing.