Connected Cars Make Your Drive Easier

Cars are an extension of our technologically driven lives. Connected cars keep us in touch not only with the road but also with the world. Being connected with the road means the awareness and security of an intelligent car. Staying connected with the world means a car that keeps you online when you need it most.


Among the most impressive advancements is available in-car navigation. Navigation systems, of course, get us where we need to be as quickly as possible. When paired with your smartphone through Bluetooth, such a system becomes intuitive and seamless. The Buick IntelliLink Infotainment System1 is available with a navigation system that can do exactly what you need without your having to remove your hands from the wheel.


Thanks to advanced voice recognition technology in connected cars, you can make phone calls, access available satellite radio, and play music from your phone through IntelliLink's simple voice commands. It even allows you to listen to your own self-created stations through Pandora and Stitcher internet radio2. You can navigate IntelliLink through the color touchscreen mounted front and center in the dash or through controls on the steering wheel.


In addition to keeping you connected, all Buick models also offer OnStar security and safety connectivity3. Among its many features, OnStar can unlock your doors if you lock your keys inside, provide real-time diagnostics through a smart phone mobile application, call for help if you are in a collision, and provide personal direction from a live service representative if you are ever in need.


For safety, connected cars offer available systems such as StabiliTrak and Lane Departure Warning to keep you aware and in control. StabiliTrak is an advanced traction control and vehicle stability system. It monitors the grip that your tires have on the road. When making an emergency lane change to avoid a broken-down truck or when maneuvering to miss a fallen tree branch, StabiliTrak helps to keep you in control of your vehicle.


Lane Departure Warning is another connected system designed to keep you safe. Thanks to sensors in the vehicle, your vehicle can monitor the lane you are driving in. If it senses you are drifting from your lane, it will sound an alarm and give you a visual alert. The system is designed to keep you aware of what is happening, connected to the road, and out of harm's way.


When it comes to getting exactly what you want from the car, available systems on certain vehicles, such as Interactive Drive Control, place the options at your fingertips. Drivers can choose between Standard, Tour, or Sport suspension settings. With each setting, the vehicle adapts its drive characteristics, such as the suspension sensitivity, transmission shift pattern, and steering feel. Sport mode stiffens up the suspension and sharpens the steering and throttle for when you want to do some spirited driving. Touring gives you a softer, plusher ride. And Standard is the balance of both comfort and sportiness.