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Nobody should have to face devastation and heartache alone. That’s why Buick and its dealers are committed to standing with those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in their time of need. Whether you need OnStar® emergency service to keep in touch with loved ones, expedited parts to repair a damaged vehicle, or assistance with new vehicle replacement, we’re here to help.


Buick has an OnStar® Crisis Assist Service for impacted Buick customers with OnStar equipped vehicles. By pressing the blue OnStar button, their specially trained Advisors can provide temporary, no-charge access to emergency services, like routing to shelters, personal calling, or in-vehicle Wi-Fi, at no charge. We are ready to help our drivers in whatever way we can in this great time of need:

• Coordinating emergency rescue and evacuation services

• Connecting callers with loved ones, family and friends

• Directing to open shelters, food and water resource support and booking hotels where feasible

• Handling “Good Samaritan” calls to help others impacted

• Hands-free calling

• In-vehicle Wi-Fi (provided by AT&T)


If you find yourself in need of a new vehicle, we’re offering programs in the affected areas. Please visit our current offers page and enter your zip code for more details.


If you’re looking for a way to help with the relief efforts, the American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers and donations. See how you can make a difference today.

  • 1 3 Services require properly equipped vehicle and compatible device. Visit for system limitations. Data provided by AT&T. Limited time offer.