Mom's Taxi Tips: Traveling With Kids Made Easy

Between work, running around after the kids, vacation time, and retaining some social life, we are spending more time now than ever in our cars. Traveling with kids on long trips can often seem like such a chore, but it doesn't always have to be. Let's look at five comfort features in some of the latest Buick models that make it all a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Traveling with Kids Tip #1: Luxury Rear Seating with Smart Slide

There's nothing more frustrating as mucking around trying to fold seats over when you're trying to organize the kids into the car, especially when you have young ones. SmartSlide seating enables the second row seats to be easily folded by pulling one lever. The seat bottom folds up and the seat back slides forward to allow easy access to the third row seating.

We all know how bored and frustrated kids can become on long trips. A couple of hours on the road in a confined space and they're bound to be fighting with each other. Individual second-row bucket seating gives them their own space, so there's no more having to break up distracting arguments while you're trying to keep your eyes on the road. Rear bucket seating is also perfect for adults when it's your turn to drive in the carpool to work. You already spend enough time with your colleagues at the office — there's no need to be rubbing shoulders with them on the way to work.

Traveling with Kids Tip #2: Trizone Climate Control Air Conditioning

Trizone climate control lets both driver and front passenger set the temperature separately to his or her individual preference. Second-row passengers can also select their temperature and fan speed separately from the front row.

Climate control also can help when you're halfway through a late-night trip home after the kids school concert. The kids are spent and have fallen asleep in the back. It's a cool night and you want them to stay warm, but you know the warm air will make you feel drowsy. You can set the climate control so you have cool air to keep you alert while the rest of the car stays warm.

Traveling with Kids Tip #3: Rear Entertainment System and IntelliLink

Everybody looks forward to vacation time. But you know when you have a long trip ahead of you, spending hours on end with bored children in the car is never going to be the highlight of your holiday. However, a handful of DVDs to play on the rear entertainment system is going to make everyone a winner and will keep the kids amused for hours. Wireless headphones also allow you to listen to your own music while the kids engulf themselves in the latest Harry Potter saga.

IntelliLink is a full car-infotainment system1 that lets you access Internet radio, stream live podcasts, and play music from your smartphone or iPod via bluetooth connection. There's a large touchscreen display that's easy to operate and even USB ports in the back seats for charging phones, iPods, or gaming devices. So when the kids are sick of watching DVDs, limitless music and gaming options are available to keep them occupied while you battle holiday traffic.

Traveling with Kids Tip #4: OnStar2

The OnStar RemoteLink Mobile App helps you stay connected with your car. As well as providing emergency assistance and important vehicle information, some handy features include being able to remotely lock and unlock your car doors from anywhere with your mobile phone.

Also, have you ever had that sense that you've forgotten something, such as locking your car doors while you're already in the middle of the busy mall with half a trolley full of groceries? There's no need to stop what you're doing, round all the kids back up, and head back to the car. You can simply lock your car doors by accessing your OnStar RemoteLink App on your mobile phone from inside the shops.

Traveling with Kids Tip #5: Universal Home Remote

This technology allows you to program your built-in universal home remote with devices that transmit on radio frequencies such as automatic garage door openers, home security systems, or community automatic gates. A single set of buttons above the rearview mirror allows you to program up to three devices that can be activated from your car.

Sometimes the hardest thing about traveling with kids is just getting them out of the front door of your house. In a mad rush you can still be dressing and feeding the kids, packing their bags, and trying to defuse any arguments or tantrums as you run out the door and pile into the car. If you're ever going to forget something it will happen when you're trying to leave the house. Remembering you forgot to set the home security system as you pull out of the driveway could be the last straw before you snap. At the touch of a button you can set your alarm without having to get back out of the car. No need to get out of the car in the rain to shut the garage door either, and you don't even have to fumble around looking for the remote door-opener.

Traveling with kids doesn't always have to be a chore. Plenty of features make it easier, and considering the time we spend in our car, that's the way it should be. These car features can bring the enjoyment back to traveling and make the experience a lot more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.