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Avenir’s Design-driven Global Collaboration

  • Jan 11, 2015
The Buick Avenir concept announced today ahead of the North American International Auto Show represents a collaboration of General Motors’ global designers and fabricators, who worked between studios in Australia and the United States to develop the striking design statement.

Buick’s Influential Five

  • Jan 11, 2015
Buick’s all-new Avenir concept, introduced today ahead of the North American International Auto Show, advances a legacy of progressive concepts that stretches back to the 1938 Buick Y-Job, the industry’s original concept vehicle.

Top-Down Luxury Returns with 2016 Buick Cascada

  • Jan 11, 2015
Buick today introduced the 2016 Cascada – a dynamic, stylish convertible that uses innovative powertrain and chassis technologies to complement the driving experience.

Buick Sets Second Consecutive Annual Global Sales Record

  • Jan 8, 2015
Buick delivered nearly 1.2 million vehicles in China, the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2014, marking the second consecutive sales record for the most Buicks sold in a single year in the brand’s 111-year history.

Buick IntelliLink: How Not to Push a Driver’s Buttons

  • Dec 17, 2014
A frozen computer is frustrating, but a frozen touchscreen in an automobile is a much bigger deal. That’s why engineers push the touchscreen buttons on the Buick IntelliLink infotainment system more than 2 million times every week, ensuring it consistently responds to user commands.

Black Friday Caps Buick’s Best November Since 2003

  • Dec 2, 2014
Holiday shopping may hinge on Black Friday, but Buick retailers kept busy throughout November. Sales to individual customers rose 13.8 percent year over year, while total sales increased by 27 percent, combining to result in Buick’s best November since 2003.

Encore Helps Buick Post Best October Since 2003

  • Nov 3, 2014
Powered by sales of the Encore compact SUV, Buick reported its best October sales results since 2003. With nearly 51 percent of its buyers new to the brand, the Encore is at the forefront of Buick’s growth. Compared to last year, Buick’s retail sales increased 4 percent year over year, while total sales increased 8 percent.

Buick Verano’s Refined Ride Starts Where the Rubber Meets the Road

  • Oct 10, 2014
The refined ride quality and quiet cabin in the 2015 Buick Verano start closer to the ground than extensive insulation and a well-tuned chassis. Down where the rubber meets the road, engineers tuned and refined the Verano’s tires for reduced noise and a comfortable ride.

Crossovers Play Big Role in Buick’s Strong September

  • Oct 1, 2014
Buick posted its best September retail sales results since 2007 with retail sales up 6 percent and total sales up 12 percent year over year led by the Encore and Enclave crossovers.

Buick Program to Benefit Schools

  • Sep 11, 2014
Buick hopes to help 100 communities across the country offset the rising costs of after-school programs and reduce local deficits with “Drive For Your Students” – a test-drive initiative that partners Buick dealerships with public high schools.