Five Ways The Most Fuel Efficient Cars Can Get You Out of Trouble

There are many benefits to driving the most fuel efficient cars. Here are five of those benefits.

Stuck in Traffic with Low Gas

It happens to us all: getting stuck in traffic. It's not only frustrating but also a terrible and inefficient waste of fuel. Luckily, modern start-stop technology can limit the squandering of fuel and improve fuel efficiency. Start-stop turns off the engine when the vehicle is at a complete stop and seamlessly turns the engine back on when you press the gas pedal again. With start-stop technology, no fuel is wasted by unnecessary idling, making your drive much more efficient. This also comes in handy if you get stuck in traffic and are low on gas. Start-stop will keep your car moving through the power of the eAssist battery for as long as it's required, reducing the amount of fuel that would normally go to waste.

Monthly Savings That Can Add Up

Those shopping for a new car are generally interested in a more fuel efficient vehicle in order to pay less at the pump. Most fuel efficient cars typically offer significant fuel savings over previous, less efficient models. Keep track of the fuel you save after buying a new, more efficient model, and compare those bills to a few from your previous vehicle. Chances are good that the savings will add up significantly, which could translate into a new set of golf clubs, a big screen TV, or a even a nice vacation in the Caribbean.

Fewer Stops during Travel

If you've ever been on a long road trip, especially with children, you know that getting to your destination with as few holdups as possible is important. Greater fuel efficiency means that you typically have to stop less frequently for fuel. Making fewer stops for fuel gets you to your destination more quickly, affording you more time for activities and sightseeing. You'll also spend less time traveling and potentially answering the question, "Are we there yet?"

Reduced Emissions

Saving time and money with a fuel efficient vehicle is great, but such a vehicle offers an additional benefit. Since fuel efficient vehicles consume less fuel, they emit less exhaust and therefore cause less pollution. Fuel efficiency is eco-friendly and consumer-friendly — a win-win situation!

Late for Work and No Time to Get Gas

Most fuel efficient cars return the maximum amount of miles per gallon of gas. If you look down at the fuel gauge on a weekday morning and see that there is a quarter of a tank left, in the case of a short-distance commute, you can reasonably expect to get to your local destination without a fuss. In an older, less fuel efficient model, a quarter of a tank might not have been sufficient. While it's not advisable to run your tank to empty, fuel efficient models give you the security of knowing that a little goes a long way.