How to Use Bluetooth in Car Technology: Making the Connection

We all lead busy lives. Going to and from work, running the kids around, attending sports activities on weekends, and generally participating in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we spend more time in the car than ever before. We all know that using mobile phones while driving is bad news, but by learning how to use Bluetooth in car technology, it is easy to stay safely in touch with your family, friends, and work colleagues while on the road. Here are some simple instructions for the use of Bluetooth and a few fun features about which you may not know.

Hooking Up

Many modern vehicles now come with in-car infotainment systems that harness the wireless connection technology of Bluetooth to enable you to make hands-free phone calls, among other things, through the system. Learning how to use Bluetooth in car technology is a simple process that removes the distraction of having to fumble with your phone, scroll through contacts, and dial numbers while driving—which can be disastrous.

  • Pairing your phone with your car's system is as easy as going into your phone's settings and enabling the Bluetooth feature. Make sure that you pair your phone before you start driving. You will generally have to do it only once since the connection will stay in the device's memory. Some car systems will let you pair more than one device.
  • On some phones, you will also have to change the settings so that your device can be discovered by other devices. Check your user's manual if you are not sure how to change the settings or to use Bluetooth in a car.
  • Turn on your car's ignition so that your car's audio or Bluetooth feature is operating.
  • Some phones will automatically search for devices with which to pair; others require prompting.
  • Once your phone discovers your car's Bluetooth device, simply accept the connection, and you will be ready to connect with the outside world while in transit.

Bluetooth Features

Knowing how to use Bluetooth in car technology is much more than just making hands-free phone calls. Some car infotainment systems will allow you to access many of your smartphone's features through your car's system via Bluetooth connectivity. You can send text messages, connect to the Internet, send emails, listen to music stored on your smartphone, and even use apps from your smartphone to improve your driving experience.

Sending texts and emails by voice activation, for instance, is a handy feature that Bluetooth-compatible car systems have now integrated. It's also handy for the executive or business owner who must make the most of commute time by working while sitting in traffic jams.

A wide range of navigation apps also are available for download from the Internet to your smartphone. They will give you up-to-date traffic conditions, best routes, and places of interest such as restaurants and shopping centers. There are apps that can find the best gas prices, the cheapest mechanic, and your car itself in that maze of a parking lot. Others can measure your car's acceleration and power. In fact, so many apps are available to better your driving experience that the choices can be bewildering.

Avoiding traffic jams is just one way in which apps can improve your driving experience. For example, imagine that you're on your morning commute to work. You use your favorite navigation app, which sends you along the shortest route possible, and you make great time. The live traffic updates available with your app have given you a heads-up about a traffic jam on Fifth Street; consequently, you've avoided a long, frustrating wait. A few years ago, you would have needed an expensive navigation system for this, but in-car Bluetooth technology allows your smartphone to be your co-pilot.

In another scenario, imagine rushing to get the kids ready for school in the morning, with no time for breakfast. You can simply instruct your car to "Find places to eat." Voice-activation technology allows you to give voice commands to access the extra features that come with your navigation apps instead of having to pull over to scroll through your phone to find fast food outlets and restaurants. Before you know it, your car has a new set of directions to follow, and you are detouring to the nearest cafe for a latte. If only there were an app to find the fastest baristas!

Voice activation comes to the rescue once again after your quick detour for coffee took longer than you had anticipated. All the time that you had regained by avoiding traffic has been eaten up, and you are running as late as before. Voice activation allows you to tell your car to "Send text to work." You even fire off a few emails to clients without having to take your eyes off the road, thus finishing a few morning work tasks. All this can be done thanks to the convenience of Bluetooth and voice activation that works seamlessly with car technology. The possibilities of how to use Bluetooth in car technology are numerous, and staying connected with the outside world while driving has never been so easy.