The Most Comfortable Car Is One That Keeps You Connected

For some people, a car is simply something that gets you from point A to point B. Others are passionate about their car and consider it a source of pride and joy. Either way, when you think about the time that you spend in it, you really do want the most comfortable car that you can afford. In-car technology has come a long way in the last few years, and now it is all about comfort, convenience, and staying connected. A few years ago, in-car technology would not have been a priority when shopping for a new car, but the comfort of staying connected with kids, family, or a job is now on many people's checklist when browsing dealers' showrooms. How does the most comfortable car keep you connected?


One big development in in-car technology is the transformation from the humble car audio system to the advanced infotainment systems* that are now available. These systems are designed for the ultimate driver convenience and have features such as Bluetooth® technology that enable you to pair your smartphone with your car to make hands-free phone calls, send voice-activated text messages and emails, and even access the Internet and apps. It is a revolutionary technology that is all about making your life easier and making it safer and more comfortable for you to stay in touch with your loved ones while on the road.

For the Busy Bees

Running late from work to pick up the kids from school? There's no need to pull over on the side of the road and fumble through your contacts to call them. You can simply send a text to them by telling your car through voice prompts whom and what you want to message. You can enjoy the comfort of keeping those around you informed even while driving and without taking your eyes off the road.

There are more than just personal comfort benefits. As an executive or business owner, being able to safely send emails or texts and make phone calls by pairing your smartphone with your car's infotainment system can make you more efficient at your job and can increase your business's profitability. Imagine that you are running late for that 9:00 a.m. meeting. The office has called and left a message that it needs a copy of the latest account that you've spent all night working on. A few voice prompts later, you're shooting off an email from your smartphone without making yourself even later by pulling over. This is the comfort of being in touch when you need to be and making the most of your commuting time—time that a few years ago would have been considered lost time.

Music to Your Ears

Some of us, however, use our commute time to escape from the worries of everyday life, put on music, and comfortably enjoy the drive. If this is the case, or if you cannot stand the thought of spending that much time listening to nothing but the sound of your car and the surrounding horns in a traffic jam, staying connected to your car has yet another benefit: Using your drive time to de-stress, get comfortable, and enjoy your favorite calming music tracks. The ability to play MP3 music files stored on your smartphone or on any Bluetooth-compatible device, such as your iPod touch, is another feature of the modern car infotainment system. There is no longer any need to fumble with CDs or put up with all the ads and DJ rantings that grace your local radio station. With the average smartphone able to store up to 16,000 songs, the hardest part about pairing your phone to your car's audio system is deciding which songs you want to listen to. You can be your own DJ and comfortably select the music you want all by voice activation.

The most comfortable car is no longer the car with the plushest seats or best climate control. It is now about convenience, safely staying in touch with the world, and having an improved driving experience. Bluetooth technology has changed the way we spend our drive by giving us back some of the time that we need to live our busy everyday lives comfortably and relaxed.