Five Ways to Cope with a Traffic Jam Using Technology

Being stuck in traffic is no fun. Luckily, there are plenty of in-car technology options to help you cope with a traffic jam. Here are five ways that help you deal with even the most ferocious jams:

1. Navigation System

When you're stuck in a traffic jam, the thing you obviously want most is to get out of it. A good in-car navigation system is essential when you're coping with a jam. It can show you detours for getting around a traffic jam efficiently and quickly. In addition, NavTraffic, a part of SiriusXM satellite radio, can give you information on traffic speed, accidents, construction, road closings, and weather conditions.

2. Seamless Connectivity

If getting stuck in a traffic jam is unavoidable and there are no ways around it, staying connected to others can be imperative. Many in-car infotainment systems allow you to link your smartphone to your car, so that you can make and answer calls using either controls on the steering wheel or even just your voice. You can let those at your destination know that you coping with a traffic jam without ever having to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

3. Premium Audio and Entertainment System

When dealing with a traffic jam, your sound system is your traffic entertainment center. And it's even better when it offers a wide variety of listening options and a premium-quality sound. In most new cars,you can choose from satellite radio, your own MP3s, or internet radio streamed though your smartphone. And your favorite talk or tunes sound great when they're broadcast though premium speakers. In addition, if you have passengers in the back, a backseat entertainment system is just what the doctor ordered. The traffic jam seems to be of lesser consequence when everyone in the vehicle is entertained.

4. Luxury Comfort Features

You never realize just how important a comfortable interior is until you are coping with a traffic jam. But when you're bumper to bumper and in traffic four lanes wide, it becomes very clear that eight-way adjustable seats, supple leather interior, and engineering that insulates you from the noise outside is a very, very good thing. Being perfectly comfortable, at ease, and enjoying the interior of your vehicle is perfect for coping with a situation that can be as stressful as traffic gridlock.

5. Saving Fuel

If you've never experienced it, you perhaps wouldn't even think of it. But being stuck in a traffic jam with a fuel tank that is almost empty can be a serious source of anxiety. Thankfully, advanced fuel saving technology was developed to ease those kinds of worries. Features like Start-stop and Buick's eAssist technology were developed to reduce the amount of fuel wasted while idling. Start-stop works by seamlessly turning off your engine when you come to a complete stop and starting the engine again when you press the gas pedal. And eAssist, thanks to a small electric motor and an advanced lithium-ion battery, can put your car in motion from a stop. Since the electric motor is putting you in motion, you don't use any gasoline to get your vehicle started rolling. If coping with the worst kind of traffic jam, you would use little fuel while you wait for the gridlock to ease.

Being able to relax and have confidence in your vehicle, even while sitting idle and coping with a traffic jam, is the hallmark of a great daily car.