Top 5 Best Driving Roads in America

There are many benefits to owning a surefooted, fun-to-drive vehicle. One of the biggest is experiencing it on the best driving roads. The best roads and highways allow you to experience the handling, power, and features your vehicle has to offer. It also helps when the best driving roads are set against some of the most beautiful backdrops in North America. There are many amazing roads to experience in the U.S. Here are our top 5 best driving roads in America:

"The Tail of the Dragon," US 129, Tennessee & North Carolina

You know a road is special when it feels like it was built for the driving enthusiast. Boasting 318 curves in the span of 11 miles, "The Tail of the Dragon" is just that. Spanning a section of US 129 in southeastern Tennessee and southwestern North Carolina, the Dragon has been a favorite among drivers and motorcycle riders for decades and in our opinion, one of the best driving roads in America. Adding to the challenge, the Dragon is in a remote area, so you need to look out for wildlife, such as deer, bears, and wild boars.

The Big Sur Coast Highway, Highway 1, California

California's Route 1 is a mix of glorious curves and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. The best of this best driving road is the 90-mile section from San Carpoforo Creek south to Carmel Valley, Calif. This route takes you along the gorgeous coastline, through the redwood forest of Big Sur, through the beautiful Limekiln State Park, and ending at the Carmel River. For beauty and open-road thrills, Highway 1 is tough to beat.

The San Juan Skyway, US 160, State Highway 145, State Highway 62, U.S. Highway 550, Colorado

Designated by the state of Colorado as "a Scenic and Historic Byway," the San Juan Skyway is surrounded by views that look more like a painting than reality. In addition to the scenery, it's one of the best driving roads, too. Running for 233 miles on the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains, the San Juan Skyway consists of roads blasted into the sides of mountains, precarious cliffs, and hairpin curves. For a driver looking for more challenging and beautiful mountain driving, you'd have to fly to the Switzerland to beat it.

Going-to-the-Sun-Road, Glacier Route 1, Montana

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 53-mile, two-lane highway that runs through the Glacier National Park and across the Continental Divide. Going-to-the-Sun rolls across a gamut of environments, including glacial lakes, cedar forests, valleys, and alpine tundra. For drivers looking to tackle it, be mindful that the full length is open only from mid-June to mid-October each year. Making our list of America's best driving roads, it's worth a trip no matter the season.

Denali Highway, Alaska Route 8, Alaska

In a state regarded as the last North American frontier, the Denali Highway offers a unique blend of highway and challenging terrain. Consisting mostly of gravel, the 135-mile drive is just as suited to thrills for sporty crossovers as it is to sporty sedans. It's truly one of the last pure, adventurous best driving roads in North America.