Why You'll Love In-Car Wi-Fi

Have you ever been stuck in the passenger seat wishing you could use your time more efficiently? Buick models now come with the option of 4G LTE In-Car Wi-Fi, a technology that allows you to connect your mobile devices to the vehicle's Wi-Fi network. As a passenger in a vehicle with this feature, you can stay updated on immediate concerns, like traffic and weather, as well as be productive in other areas of your life.


Successful professionals need to be available, no matter what. With in-car Wi-Fi, you can email clients and check on projects while along for the ride. Pull out your laptop to view plans and documents in full size rather than trying to scroll through them on your tiny smartphone screen. Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to stop working.


It's hard to balance school and a social life, but in-car Wi-Fi can help students maximize their time. Work on assignments, study for tests and do research on your tablet instead of your phone. Time that would have been spent mindlessly staring out the window can turn into valuable hours put toward earning all As.


Road trips and family vacations are meant to be fun, but long drives often result in bored kids and grumpy grown-ups. Buick's available 4G LTE Wi-Fi powered by OnStar accepts up to seven mobile devices, so every passenger in the car can stay connected. Downloading games and streaming movies or shows will keep children and teenagers amused for long hours in the backseat. Mom or Dad can read, peruse websites, shop online and keep track of travel plans including tickets and hotel bookings. Plus, if your web browsing inspires you, in-car Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to change your plans in an instant: make reservations or change accommodations while you're already on the way to your new destination.

Get Connected

Your life doesn't stop while you're on the go, and neither should your Internet connection. Your next Buick can keep you connected with available in-car Wi-Fi, and you'll remain in touch even when you're on the road.