Why You’ll Love Your First Auto Show

If you've never been to an auto show before, you may or may not know exactly what to expect; but even if you think you do, you'll be in for a wealth of exciting surprises.

Auto shows aren't just designed for industry specialists and automobile collectors -- they're meant for everyone who is interested in the latest and greatest in automotive engineering. While you can expect to see the coming year's latest models, you'll also see a dazzling array of "concept cars" -- prototypes that are created to exemplify the ultimate in beauty and engineering. An auto show highlights not only design innovations, but also makes the public aware of new technologies that are being developed in every make and model -- whether it's a luxury sedan or efficient economy class compact.

High-Tech Interactive Displays

Today's auto shows are a showcase of high-tech interactive displays, coupled with impressive special effects that can rival those of a major tourist attraction. In this atmosphere of glamour, glitz, and fantasy, however, a number of important technical innovations are constantly being unveiled -- and these innovations will impact what you'll be driving in the future. To demonstrate these innovations, many auto shows use entertaining interactive displays so that attendees can have a more personal, hands-on experience.

For example, manufacturers are showcasing state-of-the-art smart dashboards, featuring the latest in wireless connectivity, as well as cutting-edge GPS technology. To reflect this era of enhanced connectivity, some of today's auto shows offer display touch screens that not only offer details about each car, but also enable you to instantly connect with social networking sites.

For the ultimate hands-on experience, you can also go on a test drive through a specially-designed course, guided by a professional driver -- or you can "drive" on a high-tech simulated course. Thanks to futuristic technology, you'll also be entertained by self-driving vehicles, as well as robots giving demonstrations of how a car's engine is put together.

Family Fun

Auto shows can be a fun and engaging outing for the whole family to enjoy. When it's time to relax and take a break from auto-viewing, you and your family can indulge in a little on-site karaoke, or play special interactive games for prizes. There are also song-loading stations, video games galore, and photo kiosks complete with selfie screens.

When you go to your first auto show, just be sure to get there early so you won't miss anything, and remember to bring your camera so that you can take pictures of your favorites.