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What you’ll need to use Super Cruise*


Super Cruise functionality is enabled by a data connection for real-time, precise positioning and periodic Super Cruise map updates. In order to operate Super Cruise, you must have an active and eligible OnStar Super Cruise plan*. Super Cruise vehicles are also connected to OnStar Emergency Services*, so Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisors can assist drivers should they become non-responsive while Super Cruise is active. Enclave will include 1 month* of connectivity to support functionality, after which an OnStar Super Cruise* plan must be purchased.

Driver-Assistance and safety features

The following features in your vehicle must be activated:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control* is: ON

The following feature in your vehicle must be deactivated:

  • Teen Driver is: OFF

Driving considerations

Make sure that:

  • The vehicle is on a compatible road
  • Lane markings are clearly visible (lane markings may be obscured, for example, by glare or poor weather conditions)
  • Camera and radar sensors are not covered, obstructed or damaged
  • Driver Attention Assist* detects that the driver is paying attention to the road ahead

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