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Advanced Theft Deterrent, if equipped, is designed to help deter the theft of your vehicle, gas and wheels. It also helps protect against break-ins through broken windows that would otherwise not be detected. The package may include Electric Fuel Filler Lock, Steering Column Lock, Door Lock and Latch Shields, Vehicle Inclination Sensor, Interior Movement Sensor, Glass Breakage Sensors, and Shielded, Battery-Backed Alarm Siren.


To use Advanced Theft Deterrent, your vehicle’s alarm system must be armed. To do so, simply lock the vehicle using the key fob, Keyless Access System or the interior door lock.

To arm the system by using the interior lock, push the interior power lock switch or button when the door is open. The system will not arm using the interior door lock switch when the door is closed or if locked with a key.


Electric Fuel Filler Lock
Designed to help deter the siphoning of gas from the vehicle, Electric Fuel Filler Lock will lock the fuel door after the vehicle doors are locked.

Note: When the vehicle doors are locked by passive/walkaway locking, there is a short delay before the fuel filler door locks.

Steering Column Lock
The Steering Column Lock activates automatically when you turn off and exit the vehicle. It can help prevent the vehicle from being driven, towed or pushed away without an authorized key fob.

Vehicle Inclination Sensor
The Vehicle Inclination Sensor helps protect against wheel and vehicle theft by sensing situations in which the tilt of the vehicle changes, such as when it is jacked up or being towed.

  • The sensor is self-leveling and functions when the vehicle is parked on flat ground or on an incline.
  • If the sensor is triggered, it will activate the vehicle alarm, which will trigger the horn, siren and vehicle lights as well as the Surround Vision Recorder, if equipped.

Interior Movement Sensor
The Interior Movement Sensor monitors the interior of the vehicle with ultrasonic waves. If it senses movement or unauthorized entry, it can activate the vehicle alarm, which will trigger the horn, siren and vehicle lights as well as the Surround Vision Recorder, if equipped.

Glass Breakage Sensors
Located in the rear quarter panel windows and lift gate window, the Glass Breakage Sensors supplement the vehicle’s Intrusion Sensor capabilities, which may not be able to monitor the rear cargo area in the event the glass is broken. This feature helps protect valuables in the cargo area.

  • The windows include electric filaments that will sound the alarm if broken.
  • If the Glass Breakage Sensors are triggered, the Surround Vision Recorder (if equipped) will activate.

Shielded, Battery-Backed Alarm Siren
The Shielded, Battery-Backed Alarm Siren offers a dedicated siren, mounted in a secure location with its own power source to help protect the vehicle against break-ins. The system is designed to sense an abrupt loss of signal from the Body Control Module and sound the alarm. When on, the alarm will sound the siren in three instances:

  1. The vehicle’s main battery is disconnected.
  2. Siren is disconnected while armed.
  3. Any alarm-triggered event occurs.

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How do I know if my vehicle is equipped with Advanced Theft Deterrent?

Check your vehicle’s equipment list to see if your vehicle has this feature. If it does, you will see “Advanced Theft Deterrent” listed. Contact your Dealer for any questions about your vehicle’s equipment.

Do all the features of the Advanced Theft Deterrent System work automatically?

No. The system must be armed for the features to be engaged.

When will Advanced Theft Deterrent activate the alarm?

The alarm will be activated when the vehicle’s battery is disconnected. It will also activate when the Vehicle Inclination Sensor, Glass Breakage Sensors and/or Interior Movement Sensor is triggered.

What happens if my vehicle’s battery is disconnected?

The Shielded, Battery-Backed Alarm, if equipped, will sound. It is powered by a second secure battery.

Can I turn off the Inclination Sensor or Interior Movement Sensor?

Yes. To disable the Inclination and Interior Movement Sensors, with the vehicle turned off, press the ALARM DISABLE button. The button looks like a vehicle with a line drawn through it and can typically be found on the overhead console. The indicator light will come on momentarily, indicating that these sensors have been disabled for the next alarm system-arming cycle.



Communicate with one of our specialists.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.