The Top Five Mobile Office Technology Features

When you're working while on the road, excellent mobile office technology is essential for remaining connected to your office, colleagues, and clients. It is also important that your mobile office keep you safe and comfortable. These five mobile office technology features can keep you safe and productive while you're working remotely on the road.

IntelliLink Mobile Technology

IntelliLink* is an available infotainment technology that allows you to make calls seamlessly with your mobile device by using your voice, thanks to enhanced voice-recognition technology. This technology allows you to initiate and receive calls without having to take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. IntelliLink also lets you choose your favorite music from your mobile device or satellite radio station via a seven-inch, high-resolution touchscreen.

Navigation Technology

When you're mobile and traveling to visit other offices and professionals, getting there on time is a top priority. Here, a quality on-board navigation system is an essential component of mobile office technology. Available as an option with IntelliLink, the on-board navigation system offers turn-by-turn directions via a technology that is controlled by your voice and a map that is displayed on the IntelliLink screen.

OnStar Technology

Complementing IntelliLink, OnStar is an in-vehicle system that offers technology features ranging in purpose from safety to diagnostics. OnStar allows you to lock or unlock your doors, start your car, and even check your fuel level thanks to the OnStar Remote Link app for your smartphone. Additionally, if you need navigation or safety assistance, you can press your OnStar button to connect immediately with a live OnStar associate—your temporary mobile office assistant.

Electronic Safety Technologies

In addition to staying in touch with others both by phone and in person while out on the road, it is essential that your mobile office keeps you connected with the road and your physical surroundings. Technologies such as lane-departure warning, side blind-zone alert, and ultrasonic parking assist are all there to look out for you during your busiest days. Lane-departure warning lets you know if you are leaving your lane without signaling. Side blind-zone alert warns you when there is a vehicle in your blind spot. Ultrasonic parking assist helps you to park without bumping the car of your important client by letting you know how close you are to cars and other objects behind you.

Comfort Features

Perhaps not as inherently technological as the others, advanced comfort features are also important aspects of effective mobile office technology. After all, being comfortable in your mobile office is equally important because it keeps you fresh and sharp on the road. Features such as available first-class eight-way power adjustable seats and tri-zone climate controls are designed for optimal comfort. QuietTuning was used to help create cars that are acoustically quiet and free of vibration, as you would expect from a mobile office. When you experience the whole package, you can very much feel the positive effects of this attention to comfort.