Top 5 Innovative Vehicle Safety Features from Buick

Innovative car safety features are usually high on the list of must-haves when selecting a new car and expectations are even higher when it comes to purchasing a luxury vehicle. Buick delivers with great advancements in vehicle safety technology, giving you greater awareness of your surroundings, greater control over your vehicle, and even alerts to any potential trouble before it happens. Such vehicle safety features are available or standard in all current Buick luxury sedans and luxury crossover SUVs.


Sometimes, when you're backing up, you can't always see your surroundings with absolute clarity. Such blind spots can leave you open to the possibility of backing into a potentially dangerous situation. The state-of-the-art Rear Cross Traffic Alert, on the Verano with the available Convenience Group, was developed to alert you to any approaching vehicles or pedestrians within 65 feet of your vehicle. Like the blind zones that may impede visibility when backing up, there can be blind spots on the sides. Many drivers have had the experience of being surprised by another vehicle in a blind spot alongside when intending to change lanes. To reduce this potential danger, Side Blind Zone Alert was created. Available in the Enclave luxury SUV and Lacrosse luxury AWD mid-size sedan models, this feature uses radar to sense vehicles that are in your blind spot and alerts you to their presence. Driving on slick or loose surfaces, you run the risk of losing grip of the road and losing control. In recent years, extremely sophisticated traction and vehicle control systems have developed to give you greater car control. Continuously monitoring how much grip your tires have, traction control comes standard in Enclave, Lacrosse, Verano, and Regal models to transfer power to the wheel with the most grip. In the event that your car is not adequately responding to your steering commands, StabiliTrak detects the difference between the steering wheel angle and the direction you are turning, then applies quick, precise force to the appropriate brakes to help you maintain control the vehicle's direction and help keep it on course.


There are certain situations on the road in which events unfold more quickly than we might first be aware. Luckily, one of the newest available car safety features is Forward Collision Alert. Using cameras mounted on the front of the vehicle, your Buick can alert you to a possible collision threat so you can take action to reduce the risk of having a frontal crash.


Lastly, one of the most unique new car safety features is a system that helps you stay between the lines. There are some instances when we may start to drift out of our lane. Using onboard cameras, the Lane Departure Warning system gives you a visual and audible alert if it senses you are moving from your lane without using your turn signal. The system constantly monitors lane markings on the road and helps you to be aware and stay safe.


Keeping you and your family safe is a priority and Buick is committed to this priority through the delivery of innovative safety technologies. Discover all the reasons why Buick luxury vehicles are considered some of the most advanced on the road and begin demanding more from your luxury car.