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Because every moment matters

Safe travels start with aware drivers. That’s why all Buick vehicles offer available safety and driver assistance features that help keep your confidence high.

2023 Encore GX with available features shown.


Available on select Buick models, HD Surround Vision provides selectable digital camera views of the area around your vehicle to help you park and avoid vehicles and objects. You can also display a guideline to show where your vehicle is heading.


When certain hazards are detected, available features on select Buick models can initiate alerts to let you know. For example, Front Pedestrian Braking alerts you to avoid collisions with a pedestrian ahead and can even use automatic emergency braking, and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning can help you avoid unintentionally drifting out of your lane with a brief steering wheel turn.

2024 Encore GX shown.


In the event of a crash, strong structural dynamics, intelligent airbag systems* and available advanced safety systems help protect you and your passengers. Automatic Emergency Braking* can help you avoid or reduce the severity of a collision with a detected vehicle you’re following at speeds between 5 mph and 50 mph, using camera technology to automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking. Or, available on some models, Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking* operates from 5 mph up to highway speeds. 

Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather, and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for more important feature limitations and information.

Active safety technologies

Stay one step ahead

It’s hard to know what hazards the road will bring. That’s why we engineered sophisticated and intuitive safety technologies that can help you respond to the road ahead. These active safety features are offered on select models.

Raise your awareness

Available Front Pedestrian Braking can help you avoid or reduce the severity of a collision with a pedestrian it detects directly in front of you. It provides alerts and can automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking. It has limited nighttime and low visibility performance.

Change lanes more confidently

Available Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert* provides visual side-mirror alerts when a moving vehicle is detected either quickly approaching or already in your side blind zone. It can help you avoid lane change collisions.

A nudge in the right direction

Available Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses a brief steering wheel turn to alert you when it detects you are unintentionally drifting out of your lane lines. If needed, you may receive additional Lane Departure Warning alerts. System alerts do not occur if you’re using your turn signal, or it detects you may be intentionally leaving your lane.

A heads-up backup plan

When in Reverse, available Rear Cross Traffic Alert* can alert you of detected cross traffic behind your vehicle. 

A helpful hand

Automatic Emergency Braking works with Forward Collision Alert to help you avoid or reduce the severity of a collision with a detected vehicle you’re following. Camera technology is used to automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking.

Get help keeping your distance

Following Distance Indicator displays the gap time in seconds between your vehicle and a detected vehicle you’re following. This can help you decide if you’re following much too closely.

Shed a little light on the road ahead

At speeds above 25 mph, IntelliBeam® can automatically turn the vehicle’s high beams on and off according to surrounding traffic conditions.

Keep moving forward

Forward Collision Alert can warn you if it detects a potential collision with a detected vehicle you’re following so you can take action. It can also provide a tailgating alert if you’re following a vehicle much too closely.

Advanced safety systems

Peace of mind for your busy life

Whether you’re flying solo, handling carpool duties or allowing your teen to get behind the wheel, available innovative in-vehicle systems can help raise your confidence level.

24/7 support

Available OnStar® provides crucial safety services such as Automatic Crash Response* and Roadside Assistance*, along with the comforting sounds of a human voice.

2023 Encore GX shown.

Can help new drivers improve their skills

When a Teen Driver-designated key fob is used, Teen Driver helps encourage better driving habits for teens by providing an in-vehicle report card. It also activates certain safety systems (if equipped) and mutes the radio until the front-seat occupants fasten their seat belts.

Proactive pulses

Safety Alert Seat* uses left-, right- or both-side driver seat vibration pulses to help you detect and identify the direction of potential crashes. You can also switch to beeping crash avoidance alerts.