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How to use Maps+

Difficulty level: Novice  |  Time required: 5 Minutes  |  Tools required: None | Related parts, products, services or technology: An applicable OnStar plan with data and a properly equipped vehicle.

Maps+* helps you find your destination using your vehicle’s infotainment system.* The app offers personalized and up-to-date information like Points of Interest (POI), traffic, parking and more. The app is customized to match the brand of your vehicle, such as Chevrolet Maps+, Buick Maps+, GMC Maps+ or Cadillac Maps+. Maps+ requires an applicable OnStar* plan with data and a properly equipped vehicle.   

How it works

Maps+ is an in-vehicle app designed to help you navigate to your destination and learn more about the surrounding area.


The app requires an applicable OnStar plan with data and a properly equipped vehicle. If you do not already have one, you can purchase an OnStar plan through your GM Account. You can also push the blue OnStar® button in your vehicle to speak with an OnStar Advisor to purchase a plan.

How to access Maps+

  1. Maps+ is available on select 2018 model year and newer vehicles. The app can be found in the Apps* menu on your vehicle’s infotainment system.

  2. Launch the app by tapping the Maps+ icon on your vehicle’s center display.

  3. Accept the Maps+ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  4. Once you accept, you will be taken to the Maps+ main screen.

Using the app

  1. On the main map screen, you can interact with the map by swiping to move the map, pinching to zoom and using a two-finger swipe to tilt the map.

  2. If you navigate the screen away from the vehicle, you will see a re-center button appear that you can use to return to your vehicle's location.

  3. You can also use the compass button to toggle between “North-is-up” and “Forward-is-up” views. When “North-is-up” view is on, the top of your map screen will always point north. “Forward-is-up” view will make sure your vehicle is always pointing toward the top of the map screen when driving forward.

  • Note: Some features of the app are not available while the vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle is in motion, features should only be used by the passenger. The “North-is-up” view is only available in Route Preview mode,  and not while actively navigating. While in an active route, “Forward-is-up” is the default view.

How to enter a destination

1. From the main screen, press the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner to search for an address or enter a search term like “groceries.”

  • When you select a search result labeled “category,” you will see a list of multiple results from that category on the map
  • Categories include coffee, groceries, parking and more

2.    To navigate to a destination on the Free Drive map screen, press the Points of Interest (POI) icon on the touchscreen. To select a destination that’s not a POI, press and hold the location for a few seconds.

  • After you select a destination, the app will display a destination card on the map. Tap the card and select “Navigate” to begin routing
  • On the Route Preview screen, you may see an alternate route displayed that is a similar time or faster. Tap this route to select it if desired

3.    If you ask the available Alexa Built-In to search for an address or Point of Interest, Alexa will load the destination in Maps+.

  • For example, you can say, “Alexa, give me directions to 123 Main Street.”

Setting home and work locations

  1. Open the Search page and select the Favorites icon.

  2. After tapping the Favorites icon, you will be taken to the Favorites screen. You will be prompted to “set home,” “set work” or “add favorite.” Tapping on any of these buttons will take you to the search bar, where you can search for and confirm the respective Favorite.

Audio control features

  1. Select and interact with your favorite songs and podcasts in one simple interface.

  2. Access other in-vehicle apps without interrupting the navigation experience.

Adding waypoints

To add a waypoint as an additional stop on the way to your destination:

  1. Open the keyboard during active navigation.

  2. Search for an address, POI or category.

  3. You can also add a waypoint using available Alexa Built-In.

You’ll then have two options:

  1. Replace route, which replaces the current destination and takes you to the route preview screen for the new destination.

  2. Add as a stop, which adds the stop as a waypoint along the existing route and takes you to the route overview screen.

Navigation feedback

If you experience difficulties during the navigation experience,* tap the text bubble icon on the main navigation screen to provide feedback and corrections. You will see different feedback options depending on where you are in the navigation process.

View weather forecast

  1. During Free Drive, a “weather bug” is shown in the bottom right of the screen. You can see the high, low and current temperature for your present location. The weather bug updates every 60 minutes or when the car travels outside a 6-mile radius.

  2. Tap the weather bug to view a full weather report. The report will show the weather for your current location and a forecast for the next 10 hours in two-hour increments.

Speed Cameras

While in an active route, the Speed Camera* feature will alert users to the presence of static speed cameras by displaying them on the map.


The Speed Camera icon will appear on the route line as the vehicle approaches if the camera is pointing in the user’s direction of travel.


*The Speed Camera feature is only available during active guidance. The feature only shows where data is available, and it does not show in all states and territories.


From the main map screen, tap the gear icon to enter the Settings menu, which lets you adjust the following options:

  1. Turn-by-turn voice directions: When this option is enabled, you will have each step of the navigation directions read aloud to you.

  2. Avoid highways: When this option is enabled, navigation will not route you to highways when possible.

  3. Avoid tolls: When this option is enabled, navigation will not route you to toll roads when possible.

  4. Avoid ferries: When this option is enabled, navigation will not instruct you to board ferries when possible.

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.


Why did I get a “search for fuel” pop-up?

When your vehicle’s fuel level falls below 1/8 of a tank, you will see a prompt to use Maps+ to search for a nearby fuel station. This does not mean your vehicle is out of fuel. For EVs, a similar “show nearby charging” message will appear when the vehicle’s range is under 40 miles.

Why am I receiving a message on my center display about needing a vehicle data plan?

In order to use the Maps+ In-Vehicle App, an applicable OnStar plan with data and a properly equipped vehicle is required. A plan can be purchased by pushing the blue OnStar button.

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