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How To


Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: 5 minutes  |  Tools Required: None  |  Related Parts, Products, Services or Technology: Key fob

Available Hands-Free Power Liftgate with logo projection and programmable height, if equipped, lets you open and close your liftgate with a simple kicking motion below the bumper. On some vehicles, an illuminated logo projection will appear on the ground to show you where to kick. 


1. With your key fob in your hand, pocket or bag, approach the liftgate.
2. The logo projection will automatically turn on as you get within 6 feet of the rear of your vehicle.
3. Kick straight over the logo (or at the sensor for older vehicles), making sure to come within 5 inches of the bumper (but don’t make contact). Your kick should be an “in” and “out” motion that takes only a second.
Note: Sweeping the foot side to side or stepping on the logo projection will not activate the sensor.
4. The liftgate will open after giving you time to safely step away. The rear lights will flash and a sound will chime to alert you that the liftgate is opening.

You can also use a kicking motion to close the liftgate: 

1. Kick straight over the logo projection (or at the sensor for older vehicles). 
2. After a 2-second delay, the rear lights will flash and a sound will chime to alert you that the liftgate is closing.


The adjustable height feature helps keep your liftgate from hitting a low ceiling and can make it easier for you to reach. On some vehicles, you can use the knob on the inside of the driver door or overhead console to select:

  • MAX — Liftgate opens to its maximum height 
  • ¾ — Liftgate opens to three-quarters of its maximum height 
  • OFF — Liftgate can only be opened manually 

To set another height that works best for you:

  1. Open the liftgate. (On some models, you select the ¾ setting on the liftgate switch to open.)
  2. Manually adjust the liftgate to the desired height.
  3. Press and hold the button next to the liftgate latch for three seconds. The location of this button will vary depending on your vehicle.
  4. On some models, the Settings menu will give you a visual confirmation of steps 1–3. You’ll see the “Power Rear Gate Opening” setting adjust from “Maximum” to “Custom” on the screen.
  5. The turn signals will flash and a chime will sound once the setting is stored.
  6. On some vehicles, you adjust the power liftgate’s opening height in Settings by selecting: Vehicle > Comfort and Convenience > Power Rear Gate Opening, and then customizing the height.

Note: If you try to set the liftgate opening height too low, your turn signals won’t flash and you won’t hear beeps. This means you can’t set the liftgate to open to that height.  

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I’m kicking right over the logo projection, but the liftgate isn’t opening for me. What am I doing wrong?

Try these troubleshooting tips:
• Make sure your kick is not too fast or slow. The “in” and “out” kicking motion should be completed within one second
• Move closer to your vehicle
• Kick directly toward the underside of your vehicle. Do not kick the bumper
• Make sure that your kick comes within 5 inches of the bumper of your vehicle
• Make sure that your key fob is within 3 feet of your vehicle

What if I don’t kick quickly enough and the logo lamp turns off?

The logo projection only helps you find the location where you should kick. It doesn’t affect the hands-free control of the liftgate. 

Sometimes I take several loads to my vehicle. If my vehicle has a logo projection, will it turn on each time?

The logo projection is set up so that each time you come back to the vehicle, the projection will turn on for 60 seconds if it has been off previously. If it is already on it will stay on for an additional 60 seconds.

Why doesn’t my logo projection turn on when I approach my vehicle with my key fob?

There are several explanations that could apply:
• Only certain key fobs — your vehicle fobs associated with Drivers 1 and 2 — will turn the projection on. Your fob may not be able to illuminate the logo projection
• The battery may be in a cool-down period to preserve its charge. This happens when the logo projection has been turned on five times in 5 to 10 minutes. It will illuminate again after an hour
• If the logo projection is still not showing, ensure the underside of the vehicle is clean and clear of debris
• If you approach the liftgate and stay there for several minutes, the projection will not turn on the next time the liftgate is used
• If the vehicle hasn’t been used in three or more consecutive days, the logo projection will not turn on

In any of the above scenarios, your liftgate will still open with a kick.



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