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How To


Driver Mode Control allows you to tailor your vehicle’s performance in response to road conditions or driving preferences. This feature offers more flexible options for driving, thereby enhancing the ability of your vehicle to tow, deliver optimized fuel efficiency or provide a sportier performance.


Driver Mode Control allows you to choose your desired mode in response to changing road conditions. You can change modes at any time — even when your vehicle is in motion. The types of modes available depend on the model and the vehicle’s equipment, but may include the following:

  • Tour/Normal — Designed for everyday driving; Tour Mode optimizes fuel economy and drive quality
  • Sport — Steering response is tightened, suspension calibration is more responsive and hydraulic dampers provide a fun-to-drive, sporty performance ideal for dry roads
  • Tow/Haul — This mode keeps the vehicle in a lower gear for more torque, improving the drive when pulling a trailer or heavy load
  • AWD — Engages the rear wheels to help improve normal driving on paved roads that are covered with water, snow or ice. This feature is only available on vehicles that do not have the option to select four-wheel drive. Vehicles with selectable four-wheel drive may have 2WD, Auto, 4Hi and 4Lo (if equipped)
  • Snow/Ice — This mode is designed to help provide improved performance on slippery road surfaces by adjusting the pedal map, which slows acceleration and torque response to prevent wheel slip
  • Off-Road — Off-Road is designed to help improve traction, maneuverability and handling confidence in off-road conditions such as gravel, sand and mud
  • Terrain — Terrain mode adjusts your vehicle’s shift mapping and traction control, and adds automatic braking to maximize performance in varying road or surface conditions
  • My Mode — A configurable mode programmed through the centerstack display. Depending on your vehicle and trim level, you may be able to customize the tuning of the suspension, steering, exhaust, engine sound and brake feel
  • Z Mode/V Mode — Depending on your vehicle and trim level, you may be able to choose your preferred propulsion setting in addition to customizing the tuning of the engine shift settings, suspension, steering, exhaust, engine sound, brake feel and PTM
  • Track Mode — Designed for closed racetracks when maximum vehicle handling is desired; the automatic transmission and steering are similar to Sport Mode, but the accelerator pedal is adjusted to help provide maximum control during spirited driving
  • Weather — Similar to Snow/Ice Mode, Weather Mode is designed to help control wheel speed on slippery road surfaces by adjusting the throttle progression and transmission shift



The mode selection method varies depending on the vehicle. You’ll find either a dial to the left of the steering wheel, a knob on the console near the armrest, or a button or bank of buttons on the instrument panel.

  • Using a dial or knob to select a driving mode:
    • If there are just two driving modes on the dial, turn the dial to the desired driving mode
    • If there are more than two driving modes on the dial, turn the dial or push the button to the desired driving mode
    • If your vehicle does not have icons on the mode selector knob, you’ll see a menu selection screen in your instrument cluster indicating the mode you’ve selected
    • Models equipped with a single-speed transfer case offer a unique Terrain Mode
  • Using a button to select a driving mode:
    • Depending on the vehicle, you’ll either have a single MODE button or a bank of specific mode buttons
    • On vehicles that have a single MODE button, repeatedly push the MODE button to toggle between available modes
    • A backlit icon on the button will show the driving mode; an indicator light on the instrument cluster will show the selected mode

To exit a chosen driving mode, perform the same action you did to activate the mode.

Selecting another mode will cancel the current mode and activate the newly selected one.


  • Tour is the most economical setting and is recommended for everyday use
  • Terrain can be used for low-speed, mild off-roading, such as heavy ruts, 2-track or non-road driving, as well as for launching a boat/pulling a boat out of the water
  • Terrain gives you less back-and-forth between gas and brake pedals and enables one-pedal driving
  • If roads become covered with water, snow or ice, you can switch to AWD (if equipped) to help increase control

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How do I know if my vehicle has this feature?

If your vehicle has Driver Mode Control, depending on your vehicle, you’ll see either a dial, a knob, a button labeled MODE or a bank of buttons labeled with different modes. Mode availability varies by vehicle. Check your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for the location of the mode selector. This feature may be referred to as Driver Mode Control or Traction Select System in your Owner’s Manual, depending on your vehicle.

What if I don’t select a driving mode?

If no mode is selected, the vehicle will automatically be in Tour, which is the default mode.

Will the vehicle recommend the best drive mode for the driving conditions?

No. You must select the driving mode.

Will I need to set the preferred drive mode each time I start the vehicle?

Whether your vehicle will remain in a mode across ignition cycles varies by model. Check your Owner’s Manual for more information on your specific vehicle. You can also check the cluster display to see what mode your vehicle is in when you turn it on.

Does the vehicle need to be in PARK to switch drive modes?

No. Drive modes can be changed at any time.

How can I use Terrain to do one-pedal driving?

When you’re driving over rough terrain, you can engage Terrain and gently press the gas pedal. Whenever you release the gas pedal, Terrain will automatically apply light braking, which makes it possible to push only the gas pedal to work your way over the terrain.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.