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About Side Bicyclist Alert

Available Side Bicyclist Alert alerts* you of a detected bicyclist that is approaching a side blind zone. Also, during a brief time after parking, the feature can alert you when a detected bicyclist is approaching so you don’t open your door.

About Side Bicyclist Alert

If equipped, Side Bicyclist Alert uses radar sensors in the rear corners of the vehicle to detect moving bicyclists located in your side blind zones.


When you start your vehicle, the system will briefly display alert icons in the outside mirrors to indicate that the system is operating.

What Side Bicyclist Alert does while you’re moving

  • An amber Lane Change Alert/Side Bicyclist Alert icon lights up in the left-/right-side mirror when a moving bicyclist is detected on that side in a blind zone or rapidly approaching that zone. The icon flashes if the turn signal is activated in the direction of the detected bicyclist.
  • A lit icon indicates it may be unsafe to change lanes or open your door.
  • A lit icon does NOT indicate that it is safe to change lanes or open your door.
  • Before making a lane change, you still need to check your mirrors, glance over your shoulder and use your turn signal.
  • If you use your turn signal in the direction of a detected bicyclist, you’ll hear a warning chime or feel a Safety Alert Seat pulse from the direction of the detected bicyclist (if equipped and selected in the Alert Type menu).

Bicyclist Alerts in PARK or while vehicle is OFF

In certain circumstances, Side Bicyclist Alert can also detect approaching bicyclists when your vehicle is in PARK or OFF.


When the feature detects an approaching bicyclist or another detected object near or rapidly approaching your vehicle, you will see side-mirror alerts and hear chimes alerting you not to open a door on that side until the bicyclist or object passes. It is possible to see multiple alerts and hear multiple chimes if multiple bicyclists are detected.


Side Bicyclist Alert will be active for a few minutes after you shift to PARK or turn your vehicle off.


When you get these alerts, you will also see a message in your Driver Information Center (DIC) indicating that an object has been detected on the right or left side of your vehicle.

How to turn Side Bicyclist Alert off

You can disable Side Bicyclist Alert in the Vehicle Personalization menu in your infotainment system under the Collision Detection submenu.


Feature settings stay the same from the previous ignition cycle, so if you disabled Side Bicyclist Alert and want to use it again, you need to remember to turn it back on.

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.


Will Side Bicyclist Alert automatically brake or steer my vehicle to prevent a lane change crash?

No. Side Bicyclist Alert does not operate the brakes or steer the vehicle. It is an alert system only.

Can Side Bicyclist Alert detect motorcycles?

Yes. The system is designed to detect most motorcycles.

If the alert icon in the side mirror is not lit, is it safe to change lanes or open my door?

No. Even with Side Bicyclist Alert, before making a lane change or opening your door, you still need to check your mirrors, glance over your shoulder and use your turn signals.

Why do I hear alert chimes when there is nothing in my side blind zone?

The system may offer alerts due to guardrails, signs, trees, shrubs and other non-moving objects.

What can affect the ability of Side Bicyclist Alert to perform as expected?

Under bad weather or poor visibility conditions, the system might not function as intended. Side Bicyclist Alert uses sensors in the rear corners of your vehicle to detect bicyclists in your blind spots. Keep the sensor areas clear of obstructions such as dirt or snow for best system performance.


Depending on the vehicle, the Side Bicyclist Alert system may not function properly if the vehicle is towing a trailer or has an object attached to the rear of the vehicle. The Driver Information Center (DIC) may display “SIDE DETECTION SYSTEM UNAVAILABLE.”

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