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When in Reverse, available Rear Vision Camera shows you an image of the area directly behind your vehicle to help you park and avoid vehicles and objects. You can also select to show an overlay of where your vehicle is heading.

Available HD Rear Vision Camera shows you a high-resolution digital image of the area directly behind your vehicle when you’re in Reverse to help you park and avoid vehicles and objects. You can also display an overlay of where your vehicle is heading.


Rear Vision Camera uses a rear-looking camera located in the back of your vehicle at or near its centerline.

The camera is designed to help provide a rear view in addition to what you see in your mirrors. It may be particularly helpful for parking, seeing blind zones, spotting pavement markings and curbs, as well as other vehicles and general surroundings.

The images may be farther away or closer than the camera makes them appear.

The Rear Camera View will display when your vehicle is in Reverse. On some vehicles, you can also select the camera app on your infotainment display to see the camera view while in a Forward gear. On older vehicles, you can only display camera views for a brief time when driving.

You will also see the Rear Camera View for a short time after you shift from Reverse to Neutral or a Forward gear.

  • The image goes away automatically when:
    • You shift out of Reverse into Park.
    • You press the Home button on the infotainment display (if available on your vehicle).
  • The image may include detection displays for Rear Park Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (if equipped).
  • The high-definition camera also displays Hitch View (if equipped).
  • When enabled, guideline(s) will appear over the image on the screen as you’re backing up. As you steer the vehicle, the guideline(s) will adjust to help you understand the vehicle’s path or, on some models, help you line up a trailer hitch if your vehicle has available Hitch Guidance.
  • Check your vehicle Owner’s Manual for a diagram that shows the location of the feature’s camera and how to clean it. This can be found in the “Driver Assistance Systems” section of the Owner’s Manual.

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What can affect the ability of Rear Vision Camera to perform as expected?

Dirt, rain or snow may accumulate on the lens of the Rear Vision Camera. This can be wiped off with a soft cloth.

Depending on the vehicle, the camera can usually be found at the center of the rear of the vehicle, often near the trunk release. The vehicle Owner’s Manual will provide the exact location.

Will Rear Vision Camera see a small child?

Not always. You should always check for the presence of small children or pedestrians behind your vehicle before shifting into Reverse. The area Rear Vision Camera displays is limited and it will not display small children or pedestrians that are too close to either corner of the bumper, under the bumper, or too far left or right of the vehicle.

Will Rear Vision Camera warn me with visual or beeping alerts or, if equipped, Safety Alert Seat pulses?

No, unless your vehicle is also equipped with Rear Park Assist or Rear Cross Traffic Alert.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.