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How To


Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: 5 Minutes  |  Tools Required: None  |  Related Parts, Products, Services or Technology: Key fob

Here’s how to use Keyless Open (if equipped) to unlock and lock your doors and liftgate.  


  1. With the key fob in your pocket or bag (within a three-foot range of the door), press the button on the driver’s door handle once to unlock the driver’s door. 
  2. Press it again within five seconds to unlock all doors.
  3. Press the touchpad under the liftgate handle to unlock and lift the liftgate. If your vehicle is equipped with Hands-Free Power Liftgate with Logo Projection, a logo is projected on the ground under the vehicle as you approach the rear of the vehicle with the key fob. Kick straight over the logo projection.


  1. With the ignition off and the key fob in your pocket or bag (removed from the vehicle), press the button on any door handle to lock all the doors.
  2. If your vehicle is equipped with Passive Locking, the doors and liftgate will automatically lock within several seconds after the vehicle is turned off, the key fob is out of the vehicle and all doors are closed. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the Settings menu.

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When I lock the doors using the button on the handle or the pad inside the handle, does it set my vehicle’s alarm too?

Yes. After you lock the doors using the button or pad on the handle, the vehicle’s alarm is set about 30 seconds later. The vehicle must be off for this to happen.

Why do my doors automatically lock on their own?

Depending on the preferences you’ve enabled in the vehicle’s Settings menu, there are a few reasons the doors would automatically lock:

  • If Passive Locking is enabled, the doors should lock several seconds after you turn off the vehicle and exit with the key fob and close all doors
  • Your doors should automatically lock when the vehicle goes above 8 mph

What do I do if my key fob isn't working at all?

Your dealer can check the signal strength of your key fob or, using a special tool, check whether you're using the correct key fob for your vehicle. Contact your dealer for assistance.

Why did my door lock when I put my hand on the handle?

Some vehicles with fixed door handles have a small emblem on each of the front door handles. Pressing this emblem will lock the doors. Be sure to avoid pressing the emblem when opening your doors.

Can the key fob be anywhere in the vehicle for Keyless Start to work correctly?

Yes, the key fob can be nearly anywhere in the interior of the vehicle, including the rear closure. However, it’s not recommended to keep the key fob in the trunk, as there are certain areas where it might not be detected.

Why don’t my doors automatically lock when I get out of the vehicle?

If Passive Locking is enabled, the doors should lock several seconds after you turn off the vehicle, exit with the key fob, and close all doors and the rear closure. But there are a few scenarios when this won’t work, including:

  • If Passive Locking is not enabled. Make sure you’ve enabled this feature in the Settings menu by selecting: Settings > Vehicle > Remote Lock, Unlock, Start
  • If all doors and the trunk/liftgate haven’t been closed, it won’t automatically lock
  • If at least one key fob wasn’t removed from the vehicle, it won’t automatically lock
  • If you haven’t turned the vehicle off, it won’t automatically lock



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.