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How To


Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: 5 Minutes  |  Tools Required: None  |  Related Parts, Products, Services or Technology: Key fob

Here’s how to use Keyless Start (if equipped) to start and shut down the vehicle. 


With the key fob inside the vehicle and the vehicle in PARK:

  1. Press the brake pedal (and the clutch if a manual transmission).
  2. Press the Stop/Start or Power button. The green indicator on the button will illuminate and the vehicle will start.

Note: Pressing the Stop/Start or Power button without pressing the brake pedal will put the vehicle in ACCESSORY mode.


  1. Shift into PARK.
  2. Press the Power button.


NOTE: Remote Start should not be used when the vehicle is in an enclosed, unventilated garage.

Starting the vehicle with Remote Start:

1.    Find the looping arrow button on your key fob.
2.    Press it two times.
The turn signals will flash to confirm the remote start worked.
NOTE: Check local regulations for any remote start restrictions.
3.    The vehicle will turn off after 20 minutes unless you stop the remote start before then or the vehicle is turned on.
4.    Press the brake pedal and the Power button to drive.

NOTE: Remote start can be used for up to 40 minutes of total time. After that, you have to start the vehicle and turn it off before using remote start again.

Canceling Remote Start
You can cancel a remote start three ways:

1.    Press the looping arrow button on your key fob. The parking lamps will turn off.
2.    Turn on the hazard lights.
3.    Turn the vehicle on and then off.  

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.


What happens if I press the Stop/Start button while my vehicle is running and not in PARK?

If your vehicle isn’t moving, your vehicle will change to ACCESSORY mode until you shift into PARK. On vehicles equipped with Electronic Precision Shift, the vehicle will automatically shift to PARK and turn off. If your vehicle is moving, it will stay on and your instrument cluster will tell you to press the button again to turn your vehicle off. If you press the button again within five seconds, the vehicle will turn off and change to the ACCESSORY mode.

I left my key fob in the vehicle overnight and now my vehicle won’t start. What's going on?

On some vehicles, key fobs go to sleep if they aren’t moved for a certain period of time. Try moving your fob and starting the vehicle again.

Why won’t my Remote Start work?

The vehicle cannot be remote started if:

  • The remote key is in the vehicle.
  • The hood is open.
  • The total 40 minutes of remote start time has been used.
  • The hazard flashers are on.
  • The vehicle is not in PARK.
  • The vehicle is already started.



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